27 February 2023

International artists focus on Environment for Spring programme at Living Canvas, Wilton Park, Dublin 2

  • Irish artists at the heart of the climate conversation with artists from France, The Netherlands, Lithuania, and more marking World Earth Day
  • Exploring stories from the Antarctic to the teaming urban metropolis

Launching a new season of cutting-edge and community digital culture, and to mark World Earth Day in April, the Living Canvas Spring programme presents artists from Ireland and around the world whose work explores the natural world and climate change. It be run from February 27th until May 14th, 8.30am to 9.30pm.

The new programme will present the work of world-famous names in a truly public setting with Irish artists adding their voices to the critical conversations about our planet, the most urgent issue of our age. The programme also includes a new weekend animation for children on the theme.

Irish artists, Siobhán McDonald and Kevin McGloughlin explore the landscape, from the Antarctic to the teeming metropolises of the world.

Both these award-winning artists unlock ideas about how we live, and how we might live better in quite different ways. Kevin’s work, Repetition is a mesmerizing film, made with acclaimed musician Max Cooper. According to the artist,

the struggle for a fruitful future is challenging with the distractions of everyday life, alongside its ever-growing technological ‘advancements’.


Meanwhile, having worked in collaboration with research facilities such as The European Space Agency, and the School of Natural Sciences at Trinity College, Siobhán’s extraordinary film, At the Edge of Visibility follows the story what the artist describes as the “sentience” of Arctic ice.

French digital filmmaker Thomas Léon looks to the future in his mesmerising Living in the Ice Age, while Dutch microphotographer, Wim van Egmond’s Soil in Actionvideos take us under the skin of the earth, quite literally to the roots of all things.

From Lithuania, Emilija Škarnulytė’s haunting Aphotic Zone brings us deeper still, following divers 4km under the sea in the Gulf of Mexico as they search for a coral species that might be able to survive the warming of the oceans. Living Canvas is also especially pleased to present new work by Avery Angle for our weekend animation sessions, with her beautiful piece, The Small Makings of a Storm, which will also be showcased at this year’s Dublin International Film Festival.