A literary tradition

Wilton Park will commemorate the area’s close ties to Irish writers and poets.

Some of the roots of Dublin’s internationally recognised literary history can be found in the Wilton Park neighbourhood. We plan to honour this legacy by offering opportunities to Irish writers and artists, and celebrating art and culture in the area.

Mary Lavin

Mary Lavin was one of the most influential Irish female writers of her generation. Born in the US in 1912, she moved to Ireland when she was 10. Her first volume of short stories, Tales from Bective Bridge, was published in 1942 and won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. She was a master of the form and won the Katherine Mansfield Prize in 1961 and Guggenheim Fellowships in 1959 and 1961.

Parsons Bookshop

For 40 years, until 1989, Parsons Bookshop was a Dublin literary landmark and meeting place, situated on the nearby Baggot Street Grand Canal bridge. The bookshop was the centrepiece for a Bohemian quarter of writers and artists in Dublin known as Baggotonia. Wilton Park will feature a new and re-imagined 1,500 sq ft Parsons Bookshop and community space, in the centre of the neighbourhood between Mary Lavin Place and Lad Lane.

Patrick Kavanagh

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