28 May 2023

Wilton Park is closed for restoration works

The park will be closed until spring 2024 while we complete restoration works that have been approved by Dublin City Council.

The works include:


Fountain: Restoration of the original fountain to full working order.

Lawns: The lawns will be renewed to include drainage, improved soil quality, and re-seeding.

Footpaths: The layout of the park remains the same with paths re-constructed to avoid winter flooding.

Seating: New seating will be included along the footpaths to complement the overall restoration
of the park. 

Planting: A wide variety of plants will be added to the shaded areas around the edge of the park bringing all year-round interest and improving the biodiversity of the area.

Living Canvas: The screen will be removed in June 2023. 

The restored park will open in spring 2024 and operate in line with normal park opening hours. 

If you require further information, please contact info@iput.com