Our vision

Our ambition is to create spaces where people thrive; modern, sustainable buildings that set the standard for how we work today.

We are proud to be one of Dublin’s largest real estate owners, and with scale, comes the opportunity to shape our city. Our buildings form the cornerstone of neighbourhoods that enhance business life, and are always inclusive, vibrant communities for all.

As a generational investor, responsible investing is in our nature. Our long-term outlook guides us as stewards of our neighbourhoods and means we are committed to creating places that endure economically and socially.

Our values

One Wilton Park, Dublin 2


We are stewards of our neighbourhoods and aspire to make a positive contribution to our city. We achieve this through a long-term approach to how we invest and behave, and how we manage our portfolio, our environment and our people.

10 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2


We build trust through performance, not just in our track record but through our conduct and openness in our long-standing relationships with investors and stakeholders.

Tropical Fruit Warehouse, Dublin 2


We are leaders in Irish real estate and will continue to advance that position in our work and across our company through a culture of excellence, creativity and innovation.

No. 3 Dublin Landings, Dublin 1


Our purpose drives us to set high expectations, and the expertise of our engaged and collaborative team ensures we meet them. We take pride in the buildings which we invest in, as well as the thriving neighbourhoods we help foster.

Thought Leadership

Making Place, our thought leadership report, launched in partnership with Arup, addressed the major shifts in office working life due to digitisation, which have been accelerated by the pandemic. It shows there is a need to recalibrate offices to make them more appealing, and to work harder to be part of sustainable places both socially and economically.

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Our portfolio

We are a long-term investor with a 50-year track record in the city.

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